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For many years Perontecnici has provided customers with the best technology in the field of transport and handling of production materials, and among them our Raskers stand out.

Primary scrapers are in fact accessories installed on conveyor belts that on the surface may appear to be of little use, but in fact have a primary role to play in ensuring the correct functioning of instrumentation.
Thanks to a direct cleaning action on the head drum, these tools allow the elimination of residues and dirt that accumulates on the tapes, thus allowing the machine to continue to function, protecting its most delicate workings and preventing any damage.

Primary scrapers are divided into two models, generally named PP and PT.
raschiatore con lame in poliuretano

Scrapers with polyurethane blades

PP scrapers are available in 3 different models, designed to adapt to the various diameters that characterise the tape drums of machinery.

They are made of 80 polyurethane shrink wraps and are suitable for materials with a low degree of abrasion.
Their particular shape, characterised by the absence of protrusions, also facilitates the removal of waste material through the exhaust area of ​​the machinery.

For perfect tape cleaning, it is always advisable to match a secondary scraper to the aforementioned instruments so that all residues that have not been disposed of by the primary scrapers can be eliminated.

A double cleaning process offers the safety of having efficient machinery, eliminates malfunction hazards and prevents delays in delivery.
raschiatore con lame in tungsteno

Scrapers with tungsten 

Primary scrapers with tungsten blades (PT) are suitable for installation on unidirectional tapes without metal junctions.

Like the PP scrapers, the PTs also act tangentially on the head drum and are proportional to the various drum diameters, but tungsten blades are positioned on a special and durable rubber elastic support that allows them to oscillate, improving efficiency.

Thanks to this more complex structure and its ability to adjust the tension force that the scraper exerts on the tape, these tools are certainly among the most efficient for the proper cleaning of industrial machinery.
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