Availability of Printed Cups

Perontecnici was one of the first companies in the industry to transpose EC 94/9ATEX, to demonstrate its commitment to providing a quality product to all its customers.

Every machine and tool we build is manufactured in compliance with international standards. With us you can take advantage of certified accessories such as lifting rugs, conveyors, tires, bumpers, and flame retardant conveyors.

Browse our gallery below for details of the many tools and machineries created by us over the years to support the needs of a wealth of businesses both in Italy and abroad.
tazze stampate

Tazze in FE / inox

MILLE printed cups are printed with stainless steel and carbon, using a fully automated production system, allowing us to obtain customised products, defined down to the last detail.

Printed cups are subject to periodic checks, and give you the functionality of the same and although they are made with some of the best materials available on the market, they are available to all customers at the most competitive prices.
Tazze in polipropilene

Polypropylene / Nylon Cups 6

Cups of the MIPLA series are instead printed with high quality resins based on desired usage.

At Perontecnici we offer two models, the white polypropylene MIPLA for the food and crushing industry, which guarantees high performance when used in environments characterised by operating temperatures ranging from -5 ° C to 70 ° C; the MIPLA STRONG nylon grey colour for abrasive and corrosive products, perfectly functional and totally reliable, up to temperatures around 130 ° C.
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