Lifting belts


Elevatorbelt P lifting belts are the ultimate generation technology tools, made of anti-abrasion rubber that is oil-resistant, anti-static and treated with thermally bonded polyester fabrics so that it can withstand any kind of stress.
Although these tape drives are machines that can easily adapt, they are mainly used in the agro-food, extractive, chemical and paper industry.

Lifting belts
ElevatorRP12 P

These rubber rubber ribbons are made up of materials that determine their anti-static, flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties as established by international standards ISO84 and ISO340.

Specially designed to work in areas 20, 21 and 22 with certification conforming to 94/9 EC - ATEX, they are marketed in rubber according to FDA regulations.

Technical innovation
and technology

Perontecnici has distinguished itself internationally due to its desire to ensure innovation and transparency in such a critical sector of business allowing us to operate efficiently and compete at market-level.

Thanks to our dedicated and passionate staff every day we help support production at companies operating in some of the most diverse sectors and we do so with the utmost care, always offering the highest quality machinery and equipment.

Contact us to find out about the latest technologies and techniques used for the handling and transportation of goods and products, and take advantage of the support of a staff capable of efficiently interpreting your needs, offering you targeted solutions, that will help improve your business output.
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