Technical articles

Technical articles

Perontecnici seeks to provide customers with a total support system, so as to be a trusted ally of many companies in both the agricultural and industrial sectors. Thanks to the dedication of our team and their commitment to providing the most innovative transportation solutions for clients, we have had the opportunity to considerably expand our range of products manufactured in Albignasego.

Rubber tubes also for high pressure, PVC, polyurethane and silicone, pulleys, rubber sheets for industrial use, rubber sheets, rubber moulded and drawn dies, cupcake elevators: all are available for sale at 17 via Marco Polo.
Visit us and browse our range of tools, materials and machinery or request a quote for rollers, cyclones and hoppers made with polyurethane, anti-wear rubber or Linatex.


The MILLE Pulley is a revolving wheel for moving loads, built using modern materials and equipment to increase functionality and endurance.

You can find it in a range of models, made of different diameters (300 - 900 mm) and widths (150 - 700 mm), as well as various construction materials such as Fe, stainless steel or components made by means of vulcanisation treatments.
ingranaggio bianco

Custom made accessories

Thanks to the improvement of our production techniques, availability of the latest technology resources and the experience gained by our staff over many years, Perontecnici is able to produce pulleys with hubs, pulleys or smooth, tedious and trailing drums for belt conveyors, tailored to specific customer requirements and easily adapted to any operating environment.
Fill out our contact form to request more information on the belts and other equipment we offer
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